Alexander Skarsgard

25 August 1976, Stockholm, Sweden
38 years

Kate Bosworth
Alexander Skarsgard is a Swedish actor coming from a family full of acting-talent. His dad is Stellan Skarsgard. Alexander is 193 cm tall and was voted the sexiest man in Sweden in 1999. Alexander starred in the TV-series Generation Kill and True Blod.
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That's Now Dr. Alexander Skarsgard!

Wednesday 3:22 PM, 20/07/2011
Mmmm, we love a man whose not only handsome but also smart! And that man just happens to be Alexander Skarsgard! Alexander recently received an honorary doctorate degree in the arts from Leeds University where he once went to school. Congrats Alex!
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The Worst Dinner Ever!

Wednesday 5:08 PM, 29/06/2011
George Bush Mickey Rourke Arnold Schwarzenegger Donald Trump Hulk Hogan
We all have our celeb crushes (Alexander Skarsgard, Gerard Butler, Daniel Craig) but what about celeb anti-crushes? The other night we were talking about how under no circumstances would we ever want to hang out with Dr. Phil! UGH!

But if we were FORCED to have dinner with one of our anti-crushes, we're not sure who we'd choose. No one wanted to go on a candlelit dinner with Arnold Schwarzenegger or Hulk Hogan, but if you had to choose, who would you go to dinner with? Vote and let us know!


If FORCED Who Would You Have A Candlelit Dinner With?

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This Week's Best Dressed Celebs!

Tuesday 5:07 PM, 28/06/2011
We like the full skirt on Katie Holmes! Eva Mendes always looks great in white! Jennifer Aniston makes black look sweet! Selena Gomez goes glam and looks great! Ok so Alexander Skarsgard could wear nothing but sweat pants and we'd put him on this list. Doesn't Kelly look amazing?
This week's best dressed celebs look amazingly hot! From Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in her blue Burberry dress to Kelly Rowland in hot pink! It's all about color in these warm summer nights, and we love it! Check out favorite fashion forward celebs from this week and let us know if you think they deserve the title of "Best Dressed!"
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Save It for a Rainy Day!

Thursday 4:02 PM, 23/06/2011
Heidi Klum holds an umbrella for hubby, Seal. Aw! Kate Middleton! Bryce Dallas Howard in her rain gear. Robbie Williams. Alexander Skarsgard. In the rain. Need we say more?
Despite even the best laid summer plans, weather can get in the way. The other day we were almost out the door, heading to the beach when a huge thunderstorm rolled through and we had to cancel our plans! And while we were really bummed, there's really nothing like curling up on the sofa with a cup of tea and watching the rain. It's just so cozy. Plus, if we decide to venture out we can wear cute wellies, our favorite raincoat, and a fun umbrella! We put together this playlist of our favorite rainy day tunes, they're a bit calm, which is perfect for those grey, drizzly days. Enjoy lovelies!

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Street Style! Real Celeb Looks Straight Off the Street!

Thursday 8:17 PM, 09/06/2011
Agnes Deyn beats the heat in a grey tank and boots.  Check out her nail polish- love it! Adrian Grenier shops at a bead store. Daniel Craig in one of summer's biggest trends: a jean jacket! Preggo January Jones shows off her cute baby bump! Jennifer Garner on her way from lunch decked out in a cute purple cardi and snakeskin flats. Nick Jonas looks super fancy with his tie! Kellan Lutz loves the newsboy cap. We love this look on MK, it's one we'd like to copy! Miranda Kerr looks so pretty all the time!
This week's Street Style is full or urban chic and simple statements. Take note from celebs like Mary-Kate Olsen and her preppy, striped blazer or Miranda Kerr's easy skinny jeans, tee, and flats combo. We love how these stars keep it stylish on the street!
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Vote For Sexiest Celeb of the Week

Tuesday 5:08 PM, 31/05/2011
Ok you guys, we need your help! We can't decide who should be Sexiest Celeb of the Week. It's like really hard! Seriously, it's not ...READ MORE ▶
Siiiiiiigh Zac Efron! Johnny Depp might just be the sexiest man alive. Adrian Grenier, it's those eyes. Or the curls. It's Paul Walker's eyes or that sexy 5:00 shadow. Have you seen Alex Pettyfer's! James Franco is just plain cute. And sexy. It's a win-win. Blue eyes, blonde hair, amazing, that's Kellan Lutz. O.M.G. Alexander Skarsgard. We can't say anymore. Have you seen Taylor Lautner's abs? We still have a major crush on Leonardo DiCaprio from Titanic. Gerard Butler, rugged and sexy....and he can sing! We love Penn Badgley! Oh Ed Westwick makes us melt. Jon Hamm is the hottest businessman we've ever seen, can't wait for Mad Men again! He's plays a doctor and that's just hot. We love Patrick Dempsey! Ryan Reynolds has the best cheekbones and we want to date him, walk on the beach with him, kiss him, etc. John Krasinski is so funny and has the sweetest smile ever. Two words: Team Edward. Matthew McConaughey is our favorite Southern boy, his drawl is like, the sexiest. Mmmm, Bradley Cooper is delish!
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