Alec Baldwin

3 April 1958, New York, USA
57 years

Michelle Pfeiffer, Janine Turner, Ally Sheedy, Kim Basinger
Alec Baldwin is a well-known actor, also known as one of the four Baldwin brothers appearing in the cinema (Stephen Baldwin, William Baldwin, Daniel Baldwin). Alec owns eleven dogs, seven cats and a wolf. He originally wanted to be a lawyer. He is a vegetarian.

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Hilaria And Alec Baldwin Are Expecting Their Second Child Together!

Friday 9:01 AM, 02/01/2015
Alec Baldwin is going to be a father again!The 56-year-old actor is expecting his second child with his wife Hilaria Baldwin, Us Weekly repo...READ MORE ▶
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Top List! Here's How Many Millions The Top Celebs Earn!

Friday 9:21 PM, 31/05/2013
Brad Pitt, 49
Salary: $35,500,000 Blake Shelton, 36
Salary: $20,000,000 Channing Tatum, 32
Salary: $15,000,000 Justin Bieber, 19
Salary: $55,000,000 Alec Baldwin, 54
Salary: $15,000,000 Anne Hathaway, 30
Salary: $10,000,000 Sofia Vergara, 40
Salary: $21,000,000
Adele, 24
Salary: $32,000,000
Money is clearly not a problem if you're young, beautiful and super talented in Hollywood. This year some celebrities have gotten enormous paychecks, and we've taken a closer look on what they actually earn. Click on the pics if your interested in their salaries!
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Alec Baldwin Weds & Shows Off Wife's HUGE RING!

Monday 5:16 PM, 02/07/2012
From Alec's Twitter. What a big rock!
Well he did it! Alec Baldwin tied to knot with Hilaria Thomas! We just announced their engagement a few months ago, so Alex moves fast! Hilaria wor...READ MORE ▶
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Alec Baldwin Punches Photographer In NYC!

Wednesday 8:13 AM, 20/06/2012
Alec is getting married to Hilaria, we hope that the incident doesn't hinder that!
Oh gosh, Alec Baldwin is in trouble again! This time it's pretty serious- he punched a photographer! Alec had just applied for a marraige license w...READ MORE ▶
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Alec Baldwin Is Engaged!

Tuesday 8:44 AM, 03/04/2012
Love is in the air!
One of our favorite actors ever, Alec Baldwin, just announced his engagement! He became engaged to his girlfriend, Hilaria Thomas, on his birthday ...READ MORE ▶
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