Red Alert! Celebrities Wearing Heels With The Color Of Love!

Spring is in the air and our favorite celebrities are all about love. It doesn't matter if you are attending a big fancy party or just going to buy a cup of coffee, red heels are hot all day (and night!) long! Click on the pics and see celebs like Hilary Duff and Blake Lively pulling the trend off!
Christina Milian jeans shorts red heels
Hello Upper Eastsiders! Blake Lively wearing red heels on the set of Gossip Girl. You know you love it!
Blake Lively red heels gossip girl
Singer Christina Millian is matching a casual look with classy red heels.
Leona Lewis red heels purse red lips
Leona Lewis looking ever so glamorous with red accessories.
Agyness Deyn red heels dress
Selena Gomez red heels tank top
Selene Gomez finds a new way of matching red heels with a short top.
Hilary Duff red heels starbucks
Hilary Duff takes a stroll with her coffe.
Brandy Norwood red heels jeans
Singer Brandy loves the red heels!
Nicole Kidman red heels oscars
Nicole Kidman looking fierce for the Academy Awards.
Salma Hayek red heels
Salma Hayek found a leather pair of pumps to match her dress.
Katie Price Jordan red heels
Katie Price wants to be the center of attention!
Published Apr 13 2012 7:06 PM
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