Agyness Deyn

16 February 1983, Lancashire, England
32 years

Josh Hubbard, Albert Hammond
Agyness Deyn is a British model who has evolved into a true icon in the fashion industry. She models for the world's leading designers such as Anna Sui and Burberry Prosum.

Agyness Deyn's real name is Laura Hollins but she changed it to easier embrace her new rock style. At the age of 16 Agyness Deyn moved to London to work at a fast food restaurant but ended up at an agency where she, according to the rumour, refused to leave before they gave her a contract, which she obviously got.

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Top List: 10 Female Celebrities With Shaved Heads!

Thursday 7:20 PM, 08/03/2012
2. Love Cher Lloyd's half cut! 3. Natalie Portman is so beautiful even with a shaved head! 4. The shaved head is not a look that every girl can pull off, but Amber Rose looks great! 5. Agyness Deyn looks really cool. 6. Cassie goes for a half shaved haircut. 7. British singer, Sabrina Washington also has a half cut. 8. Willow Smith keeps on trend with a half-cut. 9. Cynthia Nixon was known for her red hair, but not anymore. She went bald for her a role, but we miss her red hair! 10. Cameron Diaz shaved for a film role, she looks creepy!
Some of our favorite female celebrities have taken the razer and shaved off their long, luxurious locks. Some have done it for a movie role, while others just felt like it. We think the shaved style is really daring and sometimes kinda cool! Click on the pictures to see which female celebs have boldly gone bold.
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Trend Report: Love Your Country? Show It Off!

Wednesday 9:11 PM, 15/02/2012
Rihanna rocks this outfit with high-waisted jeans shorts! Accessorize with flags, like Fearne Cotton! Paris Hilton wears a flag on her white hoodie. Miley Cyrus wears a (kind of trashy) flag t-shirt with a really weird skirt. Willow Smith looks so cool in her outfit! Former Atomic Kitten singer Kerry Katona. Ferige looks cool in her oversized American flag cardigan! Singer Craig David in black and white. Agyness Deyn cuddles up with boyfriend Alex Greenwald in her US inspired cardigan.
Wearing clothes with flags is a big trend and the celebs love wearing their country's flags! The most popular is without a doubt the British and th...READ MORE ▶
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A-Listers Agree: Blondes DO Have More Fun!

Friday 12:27 PM, 23/12/2011
Agyness' silver blonde hair made her stand out from her modelling colleagues. She dyed it black once, but we're glad she's back in blonde! Long, dark curls vs shorter blonde curls, on Ashley Tisdale. We love Cameron Diaz's blonde locks! Before Christina Aguilera started sporting the platinum blonde look, her curls were dark! Drew Barrymore is a beautiful blonde! Wow, Katherine Heigl looks so much better in blonde! The dark and the super blonde Lindsay Lohan. We prefered her natural red hair though! The lovely Rachel McAdams has rocked both brown and blonde hair. Scarlett Johansson is always stunning, but she looks best with honey blonde hair.
Will the war between brunettes and blondes ever stop? Probably not! For now it seems like the blondes are taking over, a lot of A-list celebs are bleaching their hair to platinum or sunkissed blonde shades. Click on the pictures to see some beauties who has left the dark side!
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Click! Funny moment captured forever!

Wednesday 8:13 PM, 21/12/2011
We're not very surprised that Katie Price went out like this! Elle MacPherson looks cute! Chris Brown looks so funny! What is he doing?! Got something in your eye, Lea Michele? Ha! Gwyneth Paltrow were captured by the cameras while she were blinking! Brooke Shields looks like she's seen a ghost! We caught Blake Lively doing.. well, what is she doing? Agyness Deyn fell down on the runway, embarrassing! We love our cute Reese Witherspoon!
We always get to see pictures of our fave celebs in hot oufits, pouting lips and shiny hair. But since the biggest celebs are constantly followed by a swarm of paparazzis, it’s not very weird that they sometimes get photographed with a funny face or in an embarrassing moment. We’ve collected 10 pics of celebs that we think they just want to forget about!
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Pick and Pluck: Celebrity Eyebrows!

Saturday 11:16 AM, 19/11/2011
Lara Stone is a model known for her sexy lips and cute gap, but fill in those brows, girl! Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen match their eyebrows with the color of their roots. Cool! Supermodel Hilary Rhoda eyebrows give her a very unique and sexy look. Megan Fox matches her sultry eyes with curved brows. Master of the natural look, cute Sienna Miller. Model and actress, Brooke Shields, with straight, thick brows. Not hot! Is anyone ever crazier than Lady Gaga? Famous model and actress Agyness Deyn has been sporting the look of silver hair and dark brows for quite some time! Paris Hilton is a master at picking her eyebrows and often crosses the line. You know, Paris, it can be kinda hot to have thick brows!
The part of our face that we normally put the least effort in is our eyebrows. But eyebrows are actually a really important part of the face, they can make a person look totally different! Some celebs like Hilary Rhoda like their eyebrows really thick, while others like Lara Stone keep them sickly thin. Click on the pics to see which celeb eyebrows made us raise ours!
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Bold in Burgundy! Celebs Wearing Winter's Hottest Color!

Thursday 9:17 PM, 03/11/2011
We love Kristin Cavallari's burgundy and tan cardigan, it looks super cozy!
We love wide pants and we love burgundy, so this is a winning combo! Way to go Kim Kardashian! Agyness Deyn is so cool! We really like that she dares to stand out with this fur jacket! Naomi Campbell looks gorgeous in this burgundy dress! We love this wine red leather bag that Claudia Schiffer is wearing, it's the perfect way to be on-trend without committing fully. We really love this patterned dress on Claudia Schiffer, it's very 70's fab! Alexa Chung in a pair of burgundy colored jeans! We love her polka dot shirt and blazer combo too! Those shoes are so fashion! We love how Blake Lively matches the shoes with the rest of the outfit, just like the true fashionista she is!
One of the hottest colors this Fall is burgundy! Think deep, dark, saturated red! We love this color and think that it looks great either as a sweater, a pair of tights, or a leather purse, it's the perfect color for your Fall wardrobe! We spotted some serious fashionistas wearing burgundy and just had to share the pics with you, check it out!

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