Adrienne Bailon: In with the New and Out with the Old!

Friday 6:40 PM, 20/02/2009
Adrienne Bailon: In with the New and Out with the Old!

Healthy Adrienne

Looking stunning!

Looking stunning!

Ex-cheetah Girl Adrienne Bailon has said goodbye to Disney and hello MTV! She is going to be the new host for a brand new show "New Afternoons" on MTV! Good for her! This means she will be moving to New York, closer to her family and away from Robert Kardashian in LA, yes the two have announced they are still good Friends but definitely over dating! Adrienne is looking fantastic at the moment, working out and eating healthy is paying off girl!

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aunsha (Posh24 member) 1
02/05/2009 6:40 AM
oh yall look so pretty may god bless yall

kbugg.!(non member) 2
06/05/2009 4:19 AM
awwh.! how kutee.!

Talon(non member) 3
14/06/2009 5:29 AM
I hate her now...shes become a little brat

Sabrina(non member) 4
14/06/2009 5:29 AM
She has changed since she got her boob job!!! And
she thinks shes all that now...I hate her!

OMG?(non member) 5
04/07/2009 7:41 AM
God poeple she is just shopping its nothingto
dedicate an inter page to lord u peeps r retared

adrienne(non member) 6
24/03/2010 8:57 PM
lurrv cheetah girls 3 keep rocking

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