Adrien Brody's Heart Broken!

Monday 12:26 PM, 18/05/2009
Love Triangle Drama!

Love Triangle Drama!
The Brothers Bloom star Adrien Brody and his girlfriend Elsa Pataky had been together for two years when she suddenly broke up with him recently. We hear Adrien was about to propose to Elsa so the poor guy must have been really crushed! But even worse: Elsa climbed straight onto a plane to France and into the arms of that famous bad boy Olivier Martinez (Kylie Minogue's cheating ex)! After just 2 days together Elsa and Olivier have been spotted house-hunting! They must have been seeing each other before! We feel sorry for Adrien and we think Elsa and Olivier deserve each other with their cheating ways! (Source:) Celebitchy
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micah(non member) 1
25/09/2010 9:07 PM
girl he is the one for you

micah (non member) 2
25/09/2010 9:08 PM
don't go with that other man

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