Adrian Grenier

10 July 1976, New Mexico, USA
38 years

Melissa Keller, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton,Kirsten Dunst, Hannah Cornett, Beau Garrett, Moira Greenspun,Melissa Joan Hart
Adrian Grenier is an American actor who became famous for his part in the tv-series Entourage. He plays several instruments and has a band called Bodyroc. Was in Britney Spears musicvideo You Drive Me Crazy. He has run the Boston Marathon!

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Extra: All the Pictures From The People's Choice Awards!

Thursday 10:05 AM, 08/01/2015
Kat Dennings Kimberly Perry Jesse McCartney & Katie Peterson Ginnifer Goodwin Ellen Pompeo Ellen DeGeneres Bella Thorne Anna Faris Adrian Grenier Olivia Munn Kaley Cuoco Chloe Grace Moretz
The prestigious People Choice Award’s honor the best of the best within all genres of entertainment - movies, music and television. There was also ...READ MORE ▶
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Adrian Grenier: Not So Hot!

Wednesday 2:06 AM, 29/02/2012
Adrian Grenier is usually very hot, but we aren't big fans of his scruffy beard. He should shave, he would look so much better!
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Red Carpet Fashion Disaster: Guy Edition!

Friday 10:19 PM, 13/01/2012
Converse? Seriously Adrian Grenier? If you do wear sneakers, you could at least chose black ones.. Benjamin McKenzie's white ones are shining! Robert Downey Jr's are actually kind of okay. But we can still see that it's sneakers. Ne-Yo matches his sneakers with his tie. Come on Samuel L. Jackson! Craig David can actually pull this look of with his basketball sneakers. All white. Brad Pitt has done his worst fashion disaster. Ever. Jack Black goes with the shiny white sneakers. Kanye West wearing white sneakers... not nice!
While our female favorite celebs wears expensive high heels to match their designer dresses, our male celebs aren’t as fashion conscious. Well, they do wear hot tuxedos while on the red carpet, but what about the shoes? These celebs have done the forbidden – they’ve matched their very nice tuxedos - with sneakers! We thought Owen Wilson had a better style than that! Well, at least they’re not all muddy. Click on the pic to see some more male celebs comitting fashion faux pas!
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Sexy Celeb of the Week: Adrian Grenier!

Friday 8:52 PM, 06/01/2012
Tousled hair looks hot on Adrian! Hot, hotter, Adrian Grenier! Adrian Grenier is super sexy!
Our Sexy Celeb of the Week is Adrian Grenier! He’s best known for playing Vince in the popular tv-series Entourage. We just love him and we know you guys do too! We love that he’s very casual and his style feels very nonchalant and that makes him super hot! Click on the pic to see how hot he is!
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Click! Camera Friendly Celebs!

Wednesday 9:18 PM, 04/01/2012
Will Smith looks happy to pose with his fans! We love Amanda Seyfried! Are you a bit bothered, Tom Cruise? These people love Anne Hathaway! Edward Grimes, from the pop duo Jedward, loves to take photos with his cute fans! Taylor Swift stops to snap a photo with a fan on her way home! Adrian Grenier takes a few seconds from his tv recording to please these girls. Paris Hilton's fan gets to hug Paris! But her body guards are not far away, just in case. Daniel Craig tries to catch as many as possible in one photo.
Our fave celebs are followed by swarms of paps all the time, so you would think that they try to avoid getting photographed as much as they can. But when it comes to their biggest fans, they just can’t say no. Actually, they rather hold the camera themselves! Click on the pic to see celebs grab the camera from their fans!
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Celebs' Favorite Xmas Gifts!

Tuesday 8:52 PM, 27/12/2011
Ian Somerhalder's best gift was an unusual one. "I wake up and my sister is standing over me and she's holding my nephew and she goes 'Merry Christmas' and then she just drops him on me." Hottie Adrian Grenier says the best gift ever was a sleeping mask with hipster sunglasses print. "So I can always be cool, even when I'm sleeping." Haha! The musician Josh Groban's favorite gift ever was a wine red drumset.
"My favorite Christmas gift was a pair of roller skates at the age of 10. I always wanted to learn how to skate when I was a kid. When I went to the skating rink, I never owned my own skates before. I love to skate, not a lot of people know that," the singer Usher said. Leighton Meester's all time favorite Christmas gift was actually a robe. LL Cool J says that one year he didn't get a single Christmas gift, but the next year his grand father spent all his money on giving LL Cool J the Christmas day he deserved. 
Carrie Ann Inaba once got a huge box filled with candles, and she loved it! Who wouldn't? Kim Kardashian has received a lot of gifts, but her favorite was a cupon from her father. The cupon was of a one hour conversation with her father, although she admits she never used it. Pretty rude, Kim!
The basketball legend Michael Jordan's favorite was one of great significance. "My middle child, Marcus, was born Dec. 24, 1990. That was my best Christmas gift ever." Aw!
Even though we're supposed to care about more mature stuff, one of the most exciting things about Christmas are the gifts! Of course we love to get gifts ourselves, but it's also so much fun to give your loved ones gifts that they really love. This makes us wonder, what did the celebrities get for Christmas, that they really loved? Click on the pictures to find out!
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