Adele's Mansion Is Haunted!

Adele recently bough a new mansion and for what should be a happy occasion has turned quite sour for the singer. Adele believes that her new home is haunted. Adele is so scared that she refuses to sleep alone. Adele claims that she heard strange news, "I'm not rattling around here on my own. It is given me the creeps," Adele told a friend. Now Adele have hired her driver as her bodyguard, who will be with Adele 24/7. Maybe it's time to call The Ghostbusters? (The Sun)
Adele Adkins beige coat fur black tights grey ankle boots
Adele is terrified of her new home!
Adele Adkins beige flats black over-size sweater black tights
Adele is terrified of her new home!
Adele Adkins black sweater light brown hair
Adele is terrified of her new home!
Adele Adkins black sweater sunglasses beige leather bag
She refuses to sleep alone!
Adele Adkins black sunglasses black dress black leggings black pumps
She refuses to sleep alone!
Adele Adkins black dress
She refuses to sleep alone!
Published Mar 5 2012 4:41 PM
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