Adele Could Possibly Be Engaged!

Adele Adkins black cardigan black tights ponytail
The other day we reported that Adele was expecting her first baby with boyfriend, Simon Konecki. She is expected to be about 4 months along, so she was probably pregnant around the time of the Grammy's. We don't know much about Simon other than the fact he is 14 years old than Adele, he might still be married to his ex wife (she says he's not...), and that they've been dating for less than a year. We also know that Adele is vying for a ring and wedding!

Sources close to Adele have said, "he was planning to propose anyway!" prior to the baby news and that Adele "wants a low-key affair where her mother gives her away." So if Simon hasn't put a ring on it yet, he probably will in the next few weeks. Adele is of course really excited about everything happening in her life, "she wants to be a wife and mom." We just hope Simon is The One and that he doesn't break her heart. (Source: celebitchy)
Adele Adkins black cardigan black tights ponytail
Adele Adkins black dress red curls sunglasses
Adele Adkins black dress red curls sunglasses pink lipstick blush
Adele Adkins black dress low bun baby
Adele black lavy and navy dress blonde
Published Jul 3 2012 5:03 PM
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