5 May 1988, Tottenham, North London, England
26 years

Adele is a Brittish soul singer. Her full name is Adele Laurie Blue Adkins. She won "Best New Artist and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance" at the 2009 year's Grammy Awards. She has released two albums so far. Her debut album, "19", came out in 2008 and the fallowing album, "21", came out during 2011. She has impressed the public as well as critics with her musicality
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Adele Will Give Birth In 2 Months! She's Been Preggo This Whole Time!

Wednesday 8:35 AM, 11/07/2012
We're excited for you, Adele. You will be a great mom!
How very sneaky of Adele! Last week she announced that she was expecting a baby with her fiance, Simon Konecki, but it seems like Adele is much fur...READ MORE ▶
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Adele Could Possibly Be Engaged!

Tuesday 5:03 PM, 03/07/2012
The other day we reported that Adele was expecting her first baby with boyfriend, Simon Konecki. She is expected to be about 4 months along, so she...READ MORE ▶
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Adele Is Knocked Up!

Monday 4:10 PM, 02/07/2012
Congrats Adele!
Oh my goodness! Our favorite singer, Adele, is pregnant with her first child! The multi-award winning artist stated her website, "I'm delighted to ...READ MORE ▶
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Adele's Alcohol Problems Have Been Revealed In New Biography!

Friday 12:00 PM, 22/06/2012
Adele's father affected her in a bad way...
What happened in the past do always affects us in later life, in some way or another. Wonderful singer Adele knows a lot about emotional misery and...READ MORE ▶
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Adele Is Releasing A New Single And Wants To Sing With Beyonce!

Tuesday 8:58 AM, 03/04/2012
What a voice! We love her!
Adele is probably the most talented singer out there right now. She writes her own music and her voice is AMAZING. We've heard a lot of rumors from...READ MORE ▶
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We're Famous For No Reason At All!

Thursday 9:11 PM, 08/03/2012
We thought the Hilton family was too much, but then came the Kadashians. They are everywhere, all the time, but what have they done that's so special? Honestly, we have no idea. Speaking about the Hiltons, it's not like Paris Hilton or Nicky Hilton are doing anything better with their lives. Paris turned 31 a couple of weeks ago, maybe it's time to grow up? Tila Tequila, ugh! We don't get it, not at all. All it takes to become famous is cropped hair and being the ex girlfriend of  Kanye West. Just ask Amber Rose! Kevin Federline must be one of the biggest gold-diggers in Hollywood history. What was Britney Spears thinking? So we love Nicole Richie but let's be fair, she has't really done anything spectacular besides dressig great.
Celebrities like Academy Award winner, Reese Witherspoon, or Grammy winner, Adele, have spent a long time getting to the top. They have earned their respect. When you look at someone like Reese, becoming a celebrity seems like a really hard thing to do! But then there are people like Kim Kardashian and Nicky Hilton- what did they do? Absolutely nothing! Click on the pics and see a couple of stars who have taken the easy route by becoming famous for just being famous.
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