Adam Lambert

29 January 1982, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
32 years

Adam Lambert is an American actor, singer and songwriter. In 2009 he finished as the runner-up on the 8th season of "American Idol". He´s been in many theater productions like "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" and "Wicked". Adam Lambert has won awards like The Young Hollywood Award for Artist of the Year and The Teen Choice Award for Reality/Variety Star.

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Adam Lambert Is Single! Confirms Split From His Boyfriend!

Sunday 10:23 AM, 07/04/2013
Adam Lambert and his longtime boyfriend Sauli Koskinen have broke up. Adam explains: “It’s been kind of on its way out in the last couple of months...READ MORE ▶
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Cuteness! Celebrities That Love Their Fans!

Monday 10:34 PM, 04/03/2013
Adam Lambert happily poses with his fans.
Will Smith decided to take pictures in a new way - so funny! Leighton Meester never says no to having her picture taking with fans.
Mariah Carey's fan even got a hug, aww!
Nicki Minaj hugging a fan.
One thing that is absolutely true is that the fans pretty much make the artist. Without them, our celebrities would've been nothing, so we see why they're always so thankful and kind to their fans. We've seen some lucky people having their pictures taken with their favorite celebrities so click on the pics and check them out!
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Top 6! Worst Dressed Celebrities Of The Week!

Tuesday 2:20 PM, 18/12/2012
Kris Jenner wearing a turquoise leather trench coat. Ehm, no please. Ashley Tisdale looks cute as always, but did she forget her pants at home?! This look is just... Too much in all ways, Adam Lambert! Paloma Faith. We think Miley Cyrus can pull off almost anything, but this time she failed miserably!
Some celebrities tend to always look drop dead gorgeous when they enter the door, and some others looks like they don't even know what a mirror is. We've seen six celebs this week that should take some sort of fashion course next year. Take Kristen Stewart's transparent dress for example- what on Earth was she thinking? Click on the pics to see them all!
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Adam Lambert in Finnish Jail!

Friday 2:57 PM, 23/12/2011
After the incident the couple tweeted that they've forgiven each other.
The star of American Idol, Adam Lambert, was recently visiting this boyfriend, the reality star Sauli Koskinen, in Finland. The couple went out to ...READ MORE ▶
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America's Idol, Adam Lambert, Sued!

Tuesday 5:37 PM, 08/11/2011
We're hoping everything will go well with the allegations Adam!
It's now emerged that American Idol runner-up, Adam Lambert, wasn't ever eligible to compete in the competition! OMG! And now a lawsuit is being fi...READ MORE ▶
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Street Style! Top Ten Celeb Looks Right Off the Street!

Thursday 8:05 PM, 21/07/2011
9. Halle Berry could do better than the cutoffs and baseball hat... 8. We know it's Jude Law but he looks like small town gangster in his pinstripe suit. 7. Demi Lovato has such a unique style but we're not big fans of the clogs with the leather shorts. Blegh. 6. Paris Hilton actually looks really pretty in this white dress but her purse is a bit dated. Still, not a bad look Paris! 5. Christine Brinkley just finished her performance in "Chicago" and stepped out to greet fans. We love the hat, the jacket, and the simple white shirt! Maybe not the pants, but over all it's ok! 4. We like a man in boots and army green! Adam Lambert looks hot! 3. We love Ashley Green's casual jeans and shirt! The pale pink with the dark red is just great! Kate Beckinsale is out shopping with her daughter. We really like her leggings with motorcycle boots combo! 1. Zooey Deschanel is the queen of cool. We love the mix of electric blue skinnies with a pink shirt and motorcycle jacket!
Sometimes we really struggle with what to wear when running the easiest of errands. We don't want to throw on boring sweat pants but there's also no need to wear cute's a tricky balance to get that perfectly chic street uniform but celebs like Kate Beckinsale and Ashley Greene have it down! Check out this week's Top Ten Celebrity Street Styles!
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