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Pop stars - how they looked then and how they look now!

Wednesday 11:30 AM, 26/11/2014
Miley Cyrus

2006 vs 2014 Britney Spears

2001 vs 2014 Justin Timberlake

2000 vs 2014 Justin Bieber

2009 vs 2014 Rihanna

2005 vs 2014 Lady Gaga

2008 vs 2014 Katy Perry

2006 vs 2014 Gwen Stefani

2001 vs 2014 Harry Styles

2010 vs 2014 Nicki Minaj

2010 vs 2014
We have searched through our archive to dig up old photos of our favorite pop stars to compare how they looked in the beginning of their career to how they look now!
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