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Jun 15 9:55 AM

Lamar Odom's Best Friend, Jamie Sangouthai, Dead in Overdose!

Struggling with his addiction for several years

Jun 15 8:26 AM

John Stamos Driving While Highly Intoxicated

Taken to hospital!

Jun 14 5:55 PM

Check Out the Amazing Trailer For "The Martian"

We can't wait for The Martian, starring Matt Damon and Jessica Chastain, to come out in October! Take a look at the first trailer here!

Jun 14 12:40 PM

Black and White - Classic Combo That (Almost) Always Works!

These celebrities are rocking the black and white combo - and they all look great!

Jun 13 5:58 PM

Video: Bryce Dallas Howard Showing That She Can Cry on Demand!

This is actually pretty impressive - check out Bryce Dallas Howard crying on demand!

Jun 13 12:25 PM

Celebs Wearing Some Unusual Shoes!

What do you think about these shoes? Fun or just strange?

Jun 12 5:09 PM

Nicki Minaj in Public Fight With Ex Boyfriend Safaree Samuels!

Nicki exploded on Twitter

Jun 12 2:54 PM

Kylie Jenner's New Career - pop star!

Secretly recording her first album

Jun 12 11:35 AM

How Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift Make Their Relationship work!

This is their secret recipe

Jun 12 9:56 AM

Caitlyn Jenner Getting Record Paycheck for I Am Cait!

Find out how much Caitlyn Jenner will get paid for I Am Cait

Picture Special

Jun 15 8:02 AM

Kris Jenner Getting Swarmed by Fans in Paris!

Kris Jenner is a big fan favorite in Paris!

Jun 12 9:28 PM

Dean Mcdermott Taking his Son to the Doctor's Office!

Dean McDermott seemed to be in a good mood while taking his son to the doctor's office

Street Style

Jun 12 6:24 PM

Cara Delevingne Shopping in New York!

Cara Delevingne looking cool as ever