50 Cent

6 July 1975, South Jamaica, Queens, New York, USA
39 years

Curtis James Jackson III
Vivica A. Fox
50 Cent is an American rapper. He first got famous when he released hos album "Get Rich or Die Tryin'" in 2003. He´s had singles like "P.I.M.P" and "Candy Shop". On May 24, 2000 50 Cent got shot nine times and surrvied. In 2007, Forbes placed him second behind Jay-Z in the rap industry.

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50 Cent at work!

Sunday 3:18 PM, 26/12/2010
Ever wonder what celebrities look like when they're working? Rapper Curtis Jackson, aka 50 Cent, Tweeted these photos from his private studio the other day, proving that artists are hard at work even if it's Christmas. Perhaps we can expect some hot new tracks soon? We sure hope so!
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50 Cent and Chelsea Handler Keep Teasing!

Tuesday 9:57 PM, 14/12/2010
Looks steamy!
Are they or aren't they? We still don't know whether rapper 50 cent and comedienne Chelsea Handler are dating for real, just friends or having a hot fling, but one thing is for sure, they are having fun with the rumors!

The two of them posted these cuddly and hot pictures last night of them kissing and hugging, so who knows what else went on? What a strange combination, we would never have put these two together, but hey, whatever floats your boat!
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Latest news

Caught in the Act: Chelsea Handler & 50 Cent Dating!

Tuesday 8:38 AM, 05/10/2010
We can't believe they are each other's type!
This is one of the most unlikeliest couples we have ever seen! Rapper 50 Cent and comedienne Chelsea Handler were spotted together in New Orleans at a bar together getting real cosy this weekend! There is definitely no denying that they were together and we just don't get it! Chelsea is recently single, but with all the black jokes she makes in her comedy, we never would have thought someone like 50 was her type. Her show must be one big act! We would really be surprised if this lasts! (Source: TMZ)
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Eve Goes All in For Gumball3000!

Sunday 10:04 AM, 02/05/2010
Eve at The Crypt Sexy! We didn't know you could drive too!
Those of you who know what Gumball3000 is also know that this year's race is on its way and yesterday the cars arrived in London, England. Rapper Eve was one of the first on the red carpet at The Crypt last night but she isn't the only celebrity driver. David Hasselhoff, Jade Jagger and 50 Cent, to name a few, are also racing this year!
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Cool guy

50 Cent Knows How To Party!

Friday 10:40 PM, 26/03/2010
Rapper, 50 Cent aka Curtis Jackson performing live at the Manchester Evening News Arena So into it!
Rapper 50 Cent aka Curtis Jackson loves to put on a show, so his stage performances are always amazing to watch! Last night in Manchester was no different! There were lazers and light shows and lots and lots of energy as he blasted his way through his hit songs! What a guy!
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Rihanna is a Lady Gaga Fan!

Thursday 1:13 PM, 10/12/2009
Rihanna is a Lady Gaga Fan!
Kesha Mary J. Blige Corinne Bailey Rae Alison Iraheta Aikon Ciara Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey John Mayer Adam Lambert Ri-Ri! 50 Cent Justin Bieber Sheryl Crow Pete Wentz Taylor Swift gorgeous as usual!
Many of the music's industries hottest stars turned up for the hot new VEVO launch party in New York on Tuesday night, it was such an exciting red carpet! Rihanna was there in a fab black suit and gold belt and Lady Gaga gave one of her kick-ass live performances again! Rihanna also announced that she is a huge Lady Gaga fan and loves the Lady's crazy style! Good to know these two won't be getting in any catfights anytime soon! See who else was at the party and watch a clip from Lady Gaga's performance!
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