50 Cent

6 July 1975, South Jamaica, Queens, New York, USA
38 years

Curtis James Jackson III
Vivica A. Fox
50 Cent is an American rapper. He first got famous when he released hos album "Get Rich or Die Tryin'" in 2003. He´s had singles like "P.I.M.P" and "Candy Shop". On May 24, 2000 50 Cent got shot nine times and surrvied. In 2007, Forbes placed him second behind Jay-Z in the rap industry.

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Guess What A-Lister Wants To Sign Pauly D To His Record Company?

Saturday 2:36 PM, 16/04/2011
Do you have any idea what hot shot platinum selling American rapper would be stupid enough to want to give Jersey Shore star Pauly D a record deal?...READ MORE ▶
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First Footage From 50 Cent's New Movie Released!

Thursday 5:46 PM, 10/03/2011
Yesterday an unofficial trailer from 50 Cent's very talked about new movie "Things Fall Apart" was leaked. The quality is quite poor, but it still ...READ MORE ▶
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Look Who We Spotted at the After-Parties!

Monday 9:42 PM, 17/01/2011
Kelly Brook Adrien Brody Shaun Robinson Nicky Hilton Minnie Driver Elijah Wood Paz de la Huerta Michelle Trachtenberg Lady Victoria Hervey Emma Roberts 50 Cent Paris Hilton Ryan Phillipe Rachel Zoe and her husband Michelle Trachtenberg Izabella Miko Ryan Kwanten Helena Bonham Carter Georgina Chapman Milla Jovovich
As if the actual Golden Globes weren't fun enough! Its at the big network and film company after-parties where all the fun really begins! We spotted stars like Paris Hilton, Kelly Brook, Michelle Trachtenberg and many more partying the night away at the Universal and Weinstein parties in Hollywood last night. Have a look at what they were wearing below!
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50 Cent is caught in the snow!

Tuesday 1:09 PM, 28/12/2010
A rare sight!
It seems not all celebrities managed to escape the winter chaos this year, some were just as overwhelmed by the snow as the rest of us mortals! Yesterday rapper Curtis Jackson was forced to shovel snow out of his driveway, a task we bet he isn't all too familiar with! He posted this picture on Plixi.com along with the capture "I want a hundred dollars per house. I bet anybody ill make a grand moving snow today. Lol."

Hilarious! Sometimes you just have to be able gloat a little, right?
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50 Cent at work!

Sunday 3:18 PM, 26/12/2010
Ever wonder what celebrities look like when they're working? Rapper Curtis Jackson, aka 50 Cent, Tweeted these photos from his private studio the other day, proving that artists are hard at work even if it's Christmas. Perhaps we can expect some hot new tracks soon? We sure hope so!
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